Fragrance concept

Fragrance concept

In our superior fragrance rooms can be found the only one Hungarian parfumer, Zsolt ZĂłlyomi's unique fragrance selection.

Please select your favourite fragrance:



Relaxing, soul-warming and - at the same time - powerful, piquant spicy fragrance of huge chopped logs. The stillness of beech-trees and hornbeams are compounded with the scent of oaks; deer are gliding in the distance, while a pair of sly foxes are prowling under the shrubs, among the trees of the forest. Dry twigs and branches are cracking under their feet as they are running away into the reddish lights of the sunset. (Sandalwood, vetiver root, patchouli, tobacco, cardamom, nutmeg)



The nature revives, the scent of the swelling buds, flowering trees and shrubs soars over the forests and meadows. The wet and fresh smell of life is everywhere. Blossoms of hawthorn, crab-apple and field pear paint white lace dresses onto the trees, turning the forest into slender brides.  Everything reminds us to the reminiscent smell from our fondest childhood memories. This sunny spring freshness is the scent of love, too. A bit like if we take a sniff at a freshly opened flower, and the sweetness of the nectarous and fresh sap of the pistil, the new, all-conquering energy of nature accidentally touches our nose. (Lemon, grapefruit, ylang-ylang, apple blossom, tolu balm)



Grandmothers’ favourite balmy, bluish-violet flowers can easily live on the Mediterranean slopes of the Mecsek; the extremely calming scent fills our souls merrily, raising completely the atmosphere of Provence. The warm, herbal-like scent of greenish-yellow drying haystacks, the almond-like flavour of apple seeds and the camphoricness of pine needles can also be found in the fragrance of this plant, which is the best and most suitable for relaxation and sleeping, nevertheless, it is so unique and unmistakable, as a soothing childhood-dream flowing with milk and honey.



The favourite of lovers and those having a sweet tooth - the tempting, sweet smell of the dark chocolate may take us into heavenly heights. It lures us with its creamy flavour, wherein the sensual cavalcade of the frangipani flower, honey, cocoa, caramel, cardamom, tonka bean and Bourbon Vanilla may be perceptible, as well.

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